Friday, January 27, 2012


Found out today I've been accepted to do my desired second major - Entertainment Industries!

Just looking at the units I need to do makes me panic a bit >< I'm going to be doing 5 units per sem! D= I'm going to have to cut down my work hours to mere weekends and study study study!!! I want to stop getting 'Pass' and achieve higher!! THAT IS MY GOAL THIS YEAR!!!


Thursday, January 26, 2012

[REVIEW] GEO Brown Circle BC-102

I realise I've worn a number of circle lenses and the only reviews I have are GEO Olive Wing in Blue & Geo Nudy Quarter in Brown on my Tumblr. It might seem pointless that hundreds of other girls out there have already done a review but I see no harm in adding in another one. So on we go !

GEO BC-102

Stock image

Base Curve: 8.6mm
Diameter: 14mm
Water Content: 38%
Life Span : 1 year disposal
Manufacturer/Origin: South Korea

These lenses are COMPLETELY NATURAL! Just a plain simply light brown lense with a slight swirl design. Once worn, they blend in with my dark brown eyes and people can't tell I'm wearing them.

I've never had problems with circle lenses so far so these lenses were comfortable. Just keep eye drops on you in case of windy days or being in an air-con environment.

Being only 14mm and the natural brown color, there is no enlargement.

The main reason I purchased these lenses was because I wanted a "natural" set of circle lenses. I have a number of lenses where it was obvious that I was wearing them or stood out too much and required me to wear makeup. You don't even need makeup to wear these! If you're after the dolly look, don't purchase these!

Yes I know! I know! My vision is really bad! ><

As you can see, totally natural! =)


Sunday, January 15, 2012

Time for Freestyle!!!

Last night I went out to Freestyle Tout at The Emporium.

Freestyle Tout is a well-known dessert restaurant but also caters to savoury dishes and is a licensed venue so beers, wines and spirits are also available. It is expensive (one dessert is usually close to $16!) but taste quite delicious! =) So it's a great place to go to every now and then when you want to treat yourself to something yummy!

The Emporium hotel is located here as well so the location is quite good. Anyone staying at the hotel can just step right out and can choose from a wide variety of restaurants surrounding it. There's a number of restaurants including, Ginga and Wagamama's and there are also a couple of fashion stores.

My bf's dessert: Macadamia and honey cheesecake ! This was incredibly sweet and rich ><

My dessert was the Berry Deluxe Sundae! Consisted of vanilla ice cream, strawberry and raspberry sorbet with mixed berries, cream and marshmallows xD I enjoyed this very much!

After we finished our dessert we walked around the Emporium to "exercise" lol

And to end off this post with a self-vain photo xD I'm wearing my Geo Bambi Sesame Greys again and I absolutely love them! Despite the 15mm size it is very comfortable!!!


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I Bought my First DSLR!!!!

THE CANON 550D !!!


Actually I bought it last week and have just been playing around with all week it and IT IS AMAZING!!!!!!

Firstly, I'm loving the manual controls! I love playing around with the depth of field !
Secondly, QUALITY is infinitely better than my point-and-shoot !
and thirdly, I feel like a pro when I hold the camera hahaha joking about this one xD

I'm really happy I purchased this NOW rather than back during the Christmas period. I was really surprised when I checked online, the price for this DSLR dropped down quite a fair bit. When I went into the store to check if it was really true the sales guy was, like,"No idea why the price dropped but it's a good deal." Lol ~ the guy had told he had already sold 6 of these in one day!!! =O So when I bought it, I managed to nab the final last one =D

So I got the Canon 550D
- 8GB SDHC memory card
- Kenko UV filter lens (I actually bought another the following day because I got one of them stuck on the telephoto lenses =__= fail.)
- lens cleaning kit (which the sales guy chucked in for free)
- and 3 years warranty

All this for just under a grand~!! It is much cheaper than if I had bought the camera at full price. The original RRP for the Canon 550D was around $1200? Plus all those accessories would have added on quite a bit. The sales guy did manage to get me a deal when I purchased all this. I'm also happy to say I bought with MY OWN MONEY and a little help from a gift card ~

I still want to buy a proper camera bag and a tripod for it too but that can wait.

I did want to upload some photos I took but I encountered an unexpected problem when I inserted the memory card into my computer. It kept coming with "I/O error" so I have no access to the photos =[ I can't even use the USB cable either because I need to install a program with the CD that came in the box and my stupid computer can't read CDs ! I couldn't be bothered getting it fixed because I hardly ever used the CD drive. Sooo....I'll have to try and see if I can borrow someone's computer for a little bit ><

The mess I made after I finished unboxing. I really didn't want to pack it again lol

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happpy Belated New Year for 2012!

Another year has gone past and 2012 is going to be another exciting year, hopefully!

Quick summary of 2011 for me~!
1. Completed my first year of uni and realized how difficult it actually is compared to TAFE lol
2. Said goodbye to being a teenager and turned 20 years old D=
3. Lost a number of friends but gained a few new ones
4. Met a cute guy, who is now my boyfriend =3
5. Still working at the same work place for 3 years onto the 4th year T__T be honest I really hated last year. Uni especially! There was a number of reasons:
I felt so dumb because I didn't understand certain things. For example, one of the subjects required us to really look deep into subjects and I remember one of the very first assignments was to write a short essay on who or what inspired and/or motivated us to study the creative industry course. I wrote Lucy Liu as my inspiration but when I discussed it with my tutor, she kept pressing me to delve deeper into the matter "WHY Lucy Liu? Why not another actor?" etc etc Turns out all I needed to do was find a reference that backed up what I was trying to say. And I realised that is how all assignments are in uni == I'm such a dumbass~

Plus I felt out of my depth...there were so many other students that were so much better at doing short films and KNEW how to operate a camera with the apertures and exposure values, even NOW I'm still trying to get my head around it. And also I felt really alone because I didn't know how to make friends >< But once I gained some friends classes became more enjoyable ~ Also I'm quite sad that I lost some dear friends. Some people I don't know why they decided to block me on Facebook but it's alright I suppose. We've drifted too far apart to even keep a conversation going for long so why bother continue to be friends? Some people I understand but one of my goals for this year is to move on from those people that were holding me back and meet new people ~ Actually my goals for 2012 are the pretty much the same every year LOL - study harder~!!!
I'm going to make more effort to be in the uni library to study diligently! And get more than just a 'Pass' mark !

- gym more~!!!
Not fat but I always feel better after a work out and plus I have to pay for membership >_>

- Save more money~!!!! haha xD And buying unless unnecessary things ~ Whenever I look at my taxable income, I'm amazed at how much I earn in a financial year but at the same time I'm annoyed at myself for

- manage time better~!!!
I'm pretty much ALWAYS tardy when it comes to any event...I'm sure my friends hate it

That's it really~~~

So for this year new year's eve I was my bf and we just watched the fireworks at midnight at South Bank. As usual it was packed and the fireworks in Brisbane were...meh...seriously! Compared to like what I see on television for HK or Taiwan it's just bleh =_= I don't even know why I bother sometimes but I'm just happy I started the new year with my bf =)

One side view of Brisbane

I thought this photo turned out quite interesting. It's so bright green!

And to finish this post, self-vain photo of myself =P I'm wearing my new lenses: Geo Bambi Sesame Gray! They're such a beautiful vivid shimmery grey!