Friday, April 29, 2011

New shoes ! XD

Yes I went shopping. AGAIN.
This time for shoes ><

Fashion shopping in Australia can really suck sometimes because the fashion is not cute and stylish like Asia. They tend to be more on the plain side =\

So I was pleasantly surprised when I walked into a particular store all the shoes were so cute and adorable!!! The SA then told me the shoes were imported from Taiwan! The shop was having a sale ... 20% off the first pair, and 40% off the second pair. Though when I look at my receipt, it doesn't really work out the way I think it does but I'm not too bothered. They were already on a huge discount anyways. From $150 down to $70!

Isn't the bow just adorable!??!

I used to absolutely loathe the color pink but I've found myself being attracted to it lately (pink nail polish, hair accessories etc) and these shoes are no exception. Though now I'm wondering what I can wear with them...because most of my clothes are dark =\

What's really amazing about these shoes, the inside of the shoes are really comfortable! It's like walking on cushions! Almost! XD
Can't wait to wear them out more ~


Well, actually I went yesterday but was too tired to blog about it until now. (actually Im still really tired but Im going to do it anyways). It was great to get away from uni assessments and just relax.

So I met up with my friends at Central train station and train-ed it to Helensvale train station. From there we caught the bus to Harbour Town. At Harbour Town, I bought this cute black ruffled skirt from Portmans. Impulse buying! >< Then we headed to Surfers Paradise, which meant we caught another bus.

Ate lunch before heading off to the beach! It was such lovely weather!!! The morning started off overcast and rainy but by the time we got there, it was sunny! And a tad windy ><


The place we ate at for lunch didn't have a sign so I took their business card XD

my couple friend, such a funny pair xD

lonely me~~I was mostly behind the camera that day

We spent an hour at the beach then went to Timezone. We played so many fun games =D My favourite were Laser Skirmish & Dodgem Cars =)

My friend & I found this funny mirror that could make you look skinny, fat or tall!!!

Ended the day with a spectacular view of this ferris wheel while waiting for the bus to go back home =)

All in all, it was a great day =)

EDIT: wanted to show off the Mashimaro toy my friend got for me with the points she & her bf collected xD yaaaah so cute!!! >< The TOY! not me, lol~

Friday, April 8, 2011


1st Prize includes:

She's even included a 2nd prize, which has:
- Hello Kitty lashes
- A strawberry and aloe vera face mask
- Pink "poprocks" bath salts
- Cute heart and bear candles
- Pink blossom cocktail gradation nail polish set

Definitely check her out at her blog!!!

Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fool's Day!

I did not celebrate this because I was too busy stressing out over this uni assessment I had to hand it in today. Stayed up until 3am to do it! =_= Still ended up editing it a few hours later. Fingers crossed I pass.

Anyways, so today just hung out with a friend. We had Japanese for lunch!!! =D Haven't had Japanese for sooo long...I didn't even end up finishing mine =P

Chicken Karrage Bento Box

Takoyaki Balls!!! =D

Then my friend and I went to the Purikura machine, which was absolutely graffiti-ed everywhere inside LOL no wonder it was cheap ==

We also entered one of the stores that sold asian cosmetics. See this???

This is Candy Doll lip gloss ! I really wanted to purchase one once I found out they were in store but the price ... ! D= It was double the amount I expected ($38AUD to be precise) so I just carefully put the item back on the rack and walked out. I want it but think I might stick to buying online xD

I ended buying a cheap lip gloss from some other store. I've been reading someone's blog about NYX and she is huge fan of it so i decided why not give it a go? I'm only going to lose $9 LOL